New work! On the last few shoots I’ve had the privilege of being able to add a few extra shots to the list, resulting in some great experiments and results! Check out a few of the shots here with Lilith and folks. 

Cleveland Indie Film Incubator Winner!

Hello Folks! 

I’m excited to announce my recent win at the Cleveland Indie Film Incubator! It’s been a pleasure to spend the last few months working with the six other winners - There are a ton of talented individuals working on some compelling stories out there. I can’t wait to share more about the pre-production for my short film, “Left”. More to follow soon! 

Bonus: Here’s a few test images from the recently acquired Blackmagic Design Camera to get the moody film vibe going… 

Demo Reel 2016

Hello 2016! 

It’s been a busy month here in the Cleveland area! Lots of editing, production shoots, and meetups to make a very full January 2016. I finally had time over the last few days to put together a reel cut from favorite shoots to share on the web.

 It’s not extensive, and I’m working on another, arts collaboration cut to release at a later date, but here’s a look at some of the collaborations of the last year and here’s to many more! 


On the Road

We are moving! Rebecca and I will be saying goodbye to our beautiful downtown apartment in Appleton, and head onward toward closer to Cleveland, OH!  While I’m excited about the new prospects, Appleton will be truly missed. I’ve loved working with friends and colleagues, making new connections, and collaborating toward collective goals. 

I’ve collaborated on a variety of projects the last few weeks, but it was particularly wonderful to photograph the opening of Prime Pizza Pi! Here’s a few shots from our session below:

Collaborative Projects! What, Then, is Time?

The last few weeks (months) have been a whirlwind of collaborative projects, shared ideas, and traveling. While I can’t share all the materials from each project, I’m excited to show what I can. 

“What, Then, is Time?” Was a video projections in collaboration with performing artist Clee McCracken and composer Christian Carroll. Clee approached me about a possible collaboration, and we got together to create a piece involving balls of yarn, multiple watches, sewn birds hanging from string, cracked eggs, and yellow. Here’s a look. 

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